Welcome to the Scitico section of the Scantic River State Park. There is a parking area off of Hazard Avenue (CT 190) for the north side of the river and a second entrance on the south side of the river on Bailey Rd.

The trails on the north side are well marked and provide excellent views of the river from the high banks in this area. Traveling upstream from the main trail provides nice views of the river and several access points for fishing or a quick dip in the Scantic. Traveling downstream one can venture pretty far west thanks to a trail blazed by a local Boy Scout troop. Travel off trail further west of this point is possible but there are no marked trails and the terrain gets very swampy.

The highlight of hiking on the north side of the river in Scitico is taking the river trail on the west side. From this trail there are excellent views of the Enfield Powder Company Dam built by Loomis and Company around 1850. It was bought about five years later by The Hazard Powder Company and remained a part of that operation until the facility closed in the early 20th century. The works spanned from this dam southwest along the river.

From the north bank it is possible to get down to the river and observe some of the large concrete structure that once held back the river. Now it is in several pieces for about 50 to 100 feet scattered about in the river.

The south side of the park features ruins of the Hazard Powder Company. From the top of the raceway dam you can see down the twenty-foot high walls and observe the structure of the dam and canals. The main dam runs north toward the river but a small T- section connects this dam with the bank separating the raceway from the river. The dam and raceway are in incredibly good shape to have been here since the 1850’s. It is really impressive and a true step back in time. There are other things to explore here. Try downloading the pdf tour, or the map to enhance your hike.

Directions to the South Entrance:

Directions to the North Entrance: